Honeywell Maxon


MAXON is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial combustion equipment such as gas burners, oil burners, valves, and combustion systems with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Customization and Versatility...
MAXON serves you by providing the entire range of MAXON products and services. In addition, we have the capability to package complete systems, including start-up assistance and service, when a turnkey installation is your preference.

Worldwide Leader

Commitment to Quality...
MAXON's commitment to quality is as follows:
"To completely meet or exceed our customers' expectations each and every time."
As an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, MAXON worldwide ensures the most consistent, highest quality products in the industry.
Energy Cost Solutions...
The cost of energy has become one of the most important aspects of decision-making in today’s industrial heating market. MAXON’s worldwide staff of professionals is ready to help you lower your fuel costs. With a strong research and development team MAXON is in a continual state of improvement, constantly finding new and innovative ways to introduce cutting edge fuel efficiency solutions to our customers in this ever changing market.

Clean Air...
Clean air is in everyone's best interest. The future generations of the world are depending upon the governments, the corporations and the populations of the world to make responsible, practical decisions about environmental protection. At MAXON, we're doing our part to provide some of the most reliable low NOx burners and ultra low NOx burners through innovative, robust technology.

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