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Free are those who are open to others. The “&” of the Schubert & Salzer Group is a symbol for their openness to the needs of customers, for the link of suppliers and employees to the customer through technology. Today, the Schubert & Salzer Group, together with its stakes, comprises 14 companies, five of which produce in Germany. The Group’s oldest company has been in existence for 650 years. Schubert & Salzer was founded in 1883. In 1927, Schubert & Salzer erected a foundry with a bell tower in Chemnitz. In its uniqueness this building is among the great architectural landmarks of German industry. Together with the symbol “&”, this building represents a symbol for the love of freedom of their group. The maxim that the constructor had engraved in the bell in those days still stands today as the motto for their management:

“Never let your strength and your will wither, to rise from better to the best. Only when your spirit always yearns for progress do you live, ’tis only those who live that create!” Schubert & Salzer has always weathered the ups and downs of history, because the company has always striven for the better and always has had the power to change.

The drive for freedom is a guiding principle for their group. This is on par with their management philosophy of providing freedom to all units of the company and its employees and of encouraging creative development in their sense of freedom. It is the task of Schubert & Salzer GmbH, as parent company, to provide the framework of organization for the group and to give freedom to the ideas of all the participants in the creative process. This freedom of creative diversity serves the purpose of meeting the needs of their customers.

Engineered Process Control Valves

Sliding Gate Solution Set!


Products Overview

Angle Seat Valves

Angle seat valve
Size 1/4″ to 3″
Pneumatically operated stop valve for high cycle applications. Also suitable for aggressive media in stainless steel version. The angle seat design offers a high flow rate. The angle seat valve is now available as version for low temperatures

Angle seat control valve
Size 1/4″ to 3″
Pressures up to 580 PSI
Pneumatic control valve with angle seat design.
The integrated positioner type 8049 provides a clean, compact design. All parts that come into contact with the medium are made from stainless steel.

Angle Seat Valve

Sliding Gate Valve

Sliding Gate Valves

Sliding gate control valve with integrated positioner
Size 1/2″ to 10″
Pressures up to 1450 PSI
This control valve is used in control circuits for neutral and aggressive media in the chemicals, process engineering and plant construction industries. Positioners (pneumatic or electro-pneumatic) are used for precise control. The valve is equipped with an integrated positioner (top-mounted) as standard.

Brilliant engineering!!!  This is one compact, lightweight and highly precise control valve.  The throttle and shut off system of the sliding gate valve consists of two slotted discs which are moving and sealing against each other.  Less movement, less wear and tighter sealing.  This all equates to more savings for the end user through less maintenance, smaller sizes and longer valve life.

The GS valve pictured here is a high performance variable orifice control valve.  Known as a sliding gate valve, the GS3 seat design features a non turbulent, straight through flow path.  The flow is broken apart into multiple streams creadting a reduced field of energy.  The result is greater service life, quieter operation and a control valve that performs at the highest levels possible within extreme conditions.

These valves have a very small overall size, low weight and they are simple and fast to change out and maintain.  

Brilliant Concept!

Ball Sector Valve

Ball Sector Valves

Ball sector valve
Size 1″ to 12″
Pressures up to 580 PSI 
The ball sector valve especially designed to handle arduous duties, slurries and viscous fluids is suitable for control and isolation.

The right valve for abrasive and slurry on / off and control applications such as:

  • Pulp fiber and digester liquors in the paper industry
  • Air and gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, methane, propane and ammonia
  • Abrasive suspensions of limestone and fly ash
  • Steam, water and other fluids
  • Mining slurries
  • Oils and coal
  • Dry powders
  • Molasses and sugar slurries
  • Difficult, high Cv applications

Rugged Design

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