Honeywell HC900 Process & Safety Controller

Honeywell HC900 Process & Safety Controller

Honeywell has been in the Modular Controls business for over 40 years . They have built a flexible, reliable and safe Modular Control solution in the HC900 Control Edge. The first Modular Control Honeywell manufactured was the IPC620 PLC. Honeywell has refined their Modular Controls throughout the years by listening to the customer needs. The HC900 Modular Control System is one of the cornerstones products for Honeywell.
Today, Loy Instrument, Inc. is the largest stocking distributor of Legacy HC900 hardware and software. The HC900 has become one of the leading Hybrid Modular Systems in the Industry. The HC900 has been used in many industries to solve the toughest process applications allowing customers to rest easy at night.
Loy Instrument, Inc. also provides HC900 services which include HC900 system design, HC900 programming, HC900 training, HC900 calibrations, and HC900 panel fabrication. The HC900 has been used in many industries including Heat Treat, Asphalt, Aerospace, Automotive, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and many more.



   * Ladder Logic and Function Block Programming

   * SIL Rated

   * Advanced Tuning

   * Data Recording

   * Universal I/O Cards

   * Fast Logic

   * CPU Cyber Security

   * Redundancy

   * Integrated HMI