What Is An Industrial Process System Integrator?

What Is An Industrial Process System Integrator?

Like all red-blooded American’s contemplating a question, I asked Google.  Well, naturally Wikipedia has defined it for us.  They state that “a system integrator is a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring function together, a practice know as system integration.  They also solve problems of automation.”  Well, in an effort to simplify this a little I would like to describe system integration in the terms of what Loy Instrument provides in our engineered systems group. 
Loy Instrument has a large and expansive line card specifically focused on industrial process control.  Within that line card are several very capable products.  The issue that end users end up facing on a daily basis is that these very capable parts are rendered useless without being applied correctly and coupled with peripheral components that complement them.  Industrial process control systems are purchased ala carte and must be integrated by some individual or entity to function.  The days of a simple relay logic are long gone and replaced by powerful logic controls.  These powerful controllers even in their simplest form are dumb devices without someone applying intellect.  The example that I use often to describe this is Microsoft Excel.  Great program but what is a blank worksheet capable of doing without formulas and macros?  This holds true in a simple single loop control all the way up to the ControlEdge programmable process controller lines.  This is just the first part…
On top of the complexity involved in integrating controllers that have no knowledge of what their job is, once the logic leaves the control what is it interacting with in the field?  It could be a burner control, a flow control valve, a belt speed, you name it.  If it can be measured, it can be controlled.  It can be overwhelming to say the least.  Decades of process knowledge have, via attrition, been drained from our most complicated process facilities.  This drain has taken it’s toll on an industry.  The resulting environment is starved for organizations capable of integrating all of these components and peripherals.  This is where Loy Instrument shines.  With decades of in-house expertise, what the industry needs, we can provide.    By taking a holistic approach looking at not just the instrument, the valve, the burner or the sensor we are able to identify what the process needs.  We have found that most single product solutions are targeted at process symptoms as opposed to process issues.  Allow us to walk the process front to back and assist you in gathering the data from operators, engineers, maintenance and the front office to ensure that the goal of every project is met.  Mission centric engineering!
Spend some time today looking over the products on our line card.  We not only sell the components but we put the components together and we make them work to your specifications for your benefit.  Loy Instrument is an industrial process control system integrator.  Call Loy Instrument Engineered Systems Group today for help with your application.